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Activate Your Card : www.mcafee.com/activate

Activate Your Card : www.mcafee.com/activate

Before installing McAfee in your system, you have to do some stuff to make sure that installations of McAfee do correctly. If you are installing the very first time and earlier had another Antivirus then remove the old one properly completely from your system. because two antivirus software always have a tendency to conflict with each other, which is resulting into general and constant malfunctioning of either one besides displaying error messages. And sometimes your system even can't start due to such problem. So be careful and check your system first.

Now insert the McAfee setup disk into the CD drive of your system, wait for the automatic prompt. The McAfee Security Setup window will show, click on the next button to proceed. If it is not started automatically, open CD drive manually from my computer. Click to accept the license agreement and hit next button to continue to next screen. If prompted to select the installation type, pick Custom or Typical.

Follow the instruction carefully one by one and click on the next button till the installation is started or you can direct visit www.mcafee.com/activate. When the installation is started, it will show you one installation process bar. So keep calm, while installation going on. If you want the latest version of antivirus to be downloaded and installed, you can do it by clicking on update now button. It will go checking for updates, download and install them on your computer, and finish the procedure. When finished installation, restart your computer. When all done you can see the McAfee shortcut on your PC Screen and if don't then create one from McAfee program in all programs.

It is suggested that you always update your McAfee antivirus with latest virus definitions. It will improve your antivirus' defense arsenal against the present and prospective online viruses. You can also schedule automatic updates to avoid facing troubles of remembering about the manual update of your McAfee program always. In fact, the automatic update feature will do this task more efficiently and timely.

And you must have to run a full virus scan within 15 days to scan full system to make sure that your PC is clean and virus free. DO custom run in your system whenever you want and you fill that any downloaded file has the virus. And always scan the USB flash drive or CD before opening it.

Hope this will help you all and still if you have any questions on the same, you can ask us for help. we have a support team for the McAfee help who works for days and nights for our customers. Call us on our given free helpline numbers to get help on any stage of installation. You can also chat with us online or email us your problems, and we will back to you with best solutions.